Our Centre provides a safe, secure, home-style environment where your child can learn, play and grow. Our program is inspired by the RIE philosophy which is based on respectful care.

Queens Preschool is committed to making the first transition away from home as stress free and happy as possible for families and children. Each child has a primary and secondary caregiver, this provides them with the comfort of knowing a familiar adult is close by and fully present, sensitively observing their cues and gestures. This is a place where relationships are the key to everything else that goes on.

Our responsive curriculum celebrates individual children’s interests and strengths on their journey of learning and development, encouraging and empowering children to learn through free play both independently and alongside their peers and teachers. This creates many opportunities for a high quality, holistic and empowering teaching programme based on the interests of the child and the aspirations of their parents.

Our ratios ensure a high quality, flexible programme guided by the individual rhythms of each child, with plenty of opportunity for unhurried one on one interactions.