Our child initiated programme provides for meaningful, quality education. It allows children to develop vital skills needed for a healthy well rounded development. The programme enhances self-esteem before starting school and ensures that all children are able to develop to their full potential.

Everyday the 3 & 4 year old children are given numerous opportunities to participate in activities that introduce them to concepts required for primary school. There is a strong focus on developing fundamental social and cooperative skills which will assist in a smooth transition and create a solid foundation for future learning and relationship building.

Through this time, we use age appropriate experiences to extend skills such as literacy, numeracy, problem solving and active inquiry, along with group cooperation, social competence, personal responsibility and independence. Children are encouraged to self regulate and self manage.

Four year old children are involved in an individualised transition to school programme based on each child's interests, skills, areas of development and parent aspirations, visits to local new entrant class rooms are also included.